All about registro de dominiosand Its Importance

What is Domain?

According to dictionary domain means any area ruled by any particular government or person. It is the website name of any distinct business or person managed by the specific body. Computers have IP addresses it is a series of the numbers but it is difficult to remember the strings of numbers and because of this domain names developed and used for the identification of different entities on the Internet rather than using lengthy IP addresses. The domain name can be a blend of numbers and letters which can be used in a sequence of the several extensions of the domain name, like .net, .com, .in and more. Domain name is followed by www means world wide web. If anybody types, it will redirect them to your particular website having that domain name.

Domain Registration

Registro de dominios is mandatory for those who want to have their own websites. Before using any domain name it must be registered. Each and Every domain name is unique and different from others. Two websites cannot have the identical domain names. registro de dominios helps anybody who wants to join the virtual world. It is an exclusive address of any website through which it can be easily found by anyone searching for that name on the internet. Buying a domain name is termed as Domain Name Registration.

Steps to Register Domain Name

Registering the domain name is the initial step in building an online presence and also in reaching the visitors. Easy domain ensures that site reaches to the most people. Steps for Domain Registration-

Step1– Determining a favored route: Website is made with series of files, so a place is required for storing all those files. It can be stored in the computer (when there is no hosting service) or can be stored on the servers of other company (when there is a hosting service). There are various web hosting services available which will also be able to register a domain name as well.

Step 2– Selecting a proper hosting service: There are various options available to choose a proper service that can host your domain. All hosting services work with ICANN database which has charge of tracking all the registered domain names.

Step 3– Check the availability for domain: All sites from where you purchase domains availability for desired domains can be checked. These sites show the domain availability as well as suggest some alternatives domains of cheaper rates with little difference in names.

Step 4– Fill out their forms: They enquire you for a bunch of essential pieces of information. This is necessary to register with the WHOIS database, where website’s owner required registering their information. Which can be made public or can be kept private (which usually costs for an extra fee).

Step 5– Payment:  Registrations aren’t free! Enter all the required payment information’s. Always choose a reputable site as they have user’s payment information.

Step 6– Using their utilities: After paying a particular site and registering one can access their tools for various purposes like uploading stuff to the website. Uploading can also be set up through different software programs like Dreamweaver or Firefox.


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