Mu Online Game Play and Seasons

The Korean organization K2Network has created a MMORPG which means massively multiplayer online role playing game which was produced by WebZen for players all over the world. It is an adventure cum action game which gives its players a chance to build their own quest and advance in the game to achieve higher medals and resources. The game has various characters, locations, sites, monsters and the main player will come across all of them interacting or fighting them as he/she moves along in the game.

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To start the game the player has to first create his/her own character with different facial and body features given in the game. The game will start from a particular point after giving you a formal introduction to the story. After that, you have to go forward to wherever the story goes and collect items and other objects that you can use. Out of the eight characters which the player can choose, the first five classes of character are open and the other three are locked. The character classes are dark wizard, dark knight, elf, magic gladiator, dark lord, summoner, rage fighter and grow lancer. There are different seasons of the game, currently season 13 is going on, and every season comes with new quests and characters for the players. The mu online season 14 will have more features and advancements from the previous seasons.

The story of the game takes the players to a world of monsters, where the players have to protect the people from them. Each of the game’s 8 wizards has different spells, skills and other features which they can use to kill the monsters in the game. Some of the fiercest monsters of the universe like Gorgon or Selupan are present in the game and the player has to fight them while playing. Each wizard in the game has to develop their skills by passing the quests or by purchasing the skills cards to unlock more advanced skills and spells to fight the monsters.

To enjoy the multiplayer experience the players can interact with each other with the chat feature available in the game. The players can also make teams among each other to fight the monsters together and then share the loot and experience obtained from the mission. The new mu online season 14 will come out soon with much more features and the user’s complaint regarding non-compatibility issues and any other issue will be resolved.

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