The Complete Features of WOT ST-1 Destroyer Tank

These days, there are already many video games for free that you could get to enjoy online. One of the most talked games is the World of Tanks that you could download at any time. This game of tanks is very nerve-wracking especially when you are in a war zone thus, you need tank st 1 at With this tank, many players win their fights and upgrade it without paying any cent. As the game progresses, you need to exert some efforts as well as spend for updates. But, there are tanks that unlock in weeks or so when winning the fights. Thus, you need to fight a lot in each battle and to win a good tank is what you need. For this reason, some avid players decide to speed up the development of all tanks and get a premium account. This means that you could get exclusive machines with in-game currency like of the ST-1. This tank would improve your performance and make each battle more profitable. To become an effective driver of this tank, here’s the detailed review of it.

ST-1 Tank Description 

The ST-1 is a vehicle destroyer eight by eight armored tank designed. It comes with 105 mm features many fighting functions and also has great firepower. This tank is high in mobility and with advanced comprehensive performances. It is good for protection due to its great gun power capacity. If you are aiming to fire at stationary or moving targets, this tank is capable of both. Below are the details of its equipment that you might want to unveil:

  • Preferred Equipment. ST-2 tank comes with a shell rammer, vertical stabilizer, and improved ventilation.
  • Optional Machines. You could add up some toolbox and improved guidance system to it.
  • Skills and Perks. This tank comes with sixth senses for the commander and repair for the rest of the crew. For the entire crew, there are the brothers in arms.

Tank’s Design and Protection

t-10 in WoT

This tank comes with all-welded steel armor hull and turret of the ST1 105 mm tank destroyer. This design gives the crew with protection from small arms fire and shell splinters. The frontal design is like arc projectiles and against 7.62 mm attack all around. You could even add some armors to increase protection at the front for up to 25 mm cartridge. Its side protection could go a distance of 1,000 m up to 12.7 mm Armour-Piercing Cartridge at a distance of 100 m. If you are driving this tank, you will sit at the front of the hull offset to the left with the power pack to his right. It has a mounted turret on the roof of the hull with the commander, gunner, and loader. The rear part comes with a single door with the utmost protection.

Overall Features

With this tank, the BL-9 cannon is an important module you should get to have. If you are playing more often, you could unlock it in no time. But, some other players would have to struggle with the 122 mm D-25T, whose penetration value is, around 175 mm. If this is the case, you need to spend the spare experience points and buy some sub-caliber. This would make things easier and wargaming could be monotonous.

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