The new generation car fiat 500e produced in Europe. currently, it is available In Mexico and some states of the USA the next generation will be produced in Italy. Buy used fiat 500e for sale for better offers

About FIAT500e car:

It’sgetting better,you will never have to go to the gas station or worry about maintenance.the 500e comes with 12 free rentals through enterprise and once you receive your clean air sticker you are allowed to park at meters for free in participating cities such as SantaMonica,and you can ride in the carpool lane alone however it was not all fun driving for this three will be allowed to where you drive because it always needs to tend to go less than 87 miles.The new 500e features is 111hp(83kw) motor fed by a battery pack it can be charged less than four hours. The model of the car is retro-futuristic style, and simplicity,fun to drive the look can be modified by mixing thebodycolours-including the electronic orange tri-coat paint with contrasting white and has an appavailable to Android and iPhone generates the status of the vehicle, managescharging, use locates the vehicles and sends routes to vehicles and it can also provide text message vehicles.

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Interior and exterior of fiat500e:

The number one problem with this car is getting places and waiting for its charge. Used fiat car for sales for sale this car takes upto 18 hours to charge using the charger it comes and four hours fast charger. prepare yourself to be standard waiting around four hours for the charge the incentives sounds are fantastic. The date and time are extremely hard to see when driving because the placement of giant image of car the car comes with an external piece of old school navigation. Whichnot only updates and need to download from the system if you want to open the window little bit it will automatically go but you will need to hold the leaver back up slowly. This car size perfect for parking.


The car design has been cleverly designed,you can also slide the chairs also you can adjust the seat very simple.making an easy car navigating in the traffic. You can access yourfavorite functions from the display it is comfort and safety in normal driving conditions. Smoothand controlled descent on steep slope better traction on slippery roads it manages the charging also fiat is the best electronic car.

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